Effortlessly Update Your Contacts

share and save contact cards that update automatically, right in your iPhone's Contacts

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How vcardme Works

1. Create Your Card at a vcardme.com Link

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Choose your unique link, create your card, and your contact info is always available - put your link in your email signature or social profiles.

See a sample here: vcardme.com/sam

2. Visitors Can Save Any Time, on Any Platform

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Visitors to your link can save your vcard on iOS, Android, Mac & Windows with any contacts app.

vcardme links will also open in the vcardme app, where you can save a contact directly to your iCloud contacts.

3. Automatic Updates When Information Changes

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When a visitor saves your vcard, they can enter their email address to subscribe to your updates.

When you save a vcard with the vcardme app, we push updates straight into your iCloud contacts.


Your iPhone Contacts, Accurate and Organized

  • Stick with Contacts for iOS: vcardme simply supercharges your existing address book
  • Your contacts are yours to keep: vcardme adds live updates to iCloud Contacts and stays out of the way
  • More contact information isn't better: vcardme helps you achieve the perfect phone book with accurate and concise information

Vcard Metrics

Measure views and saves of your vcard, and see who's viewing and saving

Upgrade Your Privacy

Go private and approve access to your vcard on a per-request basis for $1.99/mo.

Spam Free & Safe

vcarme doesn't upload your phone book to our servers or contact your contacts

Plays with Others

vcardme doesn't own your Contacts, it makes any app that uses your iCloud Contacts better